Slowness in the Suki apps most likely happens for these 2 reasons:

  • Back-up in speech processing

  • Network connection

Speech processing delay:

Re-set dictation by turning the Suki badge off and back on

This issue specifically affects dictation. Commands are typically working, but when you dictate, the text transcript is very slow to appear or is not appearing at all.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to re-set dictation if you see this issue. Just turn the badge off and back on.

The Suki team is implementing improvements to our speech processing to avoid this issue.

Network delay:

Check your connection

If turning the badge off and back on doesn't fix the issue, the slowness may be due to an issue with your network connection.

  • When you have a slow or unstable network connection, Suki will show a Poor Connection warning.

  • On a mobile device, sometimes the connection is interrupted because the device is switching between a Wifi and a Cellular connection. Try turning off either the Wifi or Cellular option to avoid the issue with switching networks.

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