You can now set a "Hotkey" in Suki for Windows. This will allow you to take the Suki badge out of dictation mode without having to click the icon. The hotkey is set to F10 by default but can be changed to any "F" key via the settings menu.

  • To access settings, right-click on the Suki badge and choose "Settings"

  • Click the dropdown list and choose the desired "F" key under the "Hotkey to toggle Suki on/off" option

  • Click the "X" in the top right to save and close the settings menu

*Please be aware that different Windows PCs will have different native configurations for the F keys. We expect cases where the F10 key will already be in use for a different action. In cases of conflict, users are encouraged to change the setting to a different "F" key as the hotkey in Suki will not work. Please avoid using F12 as the hotkey.

*The hotkey setting is specific to the particular Windows PC. If the user accesses Suki on a different PC, the hotkey will default to F10.

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