When you use Suki on your iPhone or Android smartphone, the sound quality is typically excellent. High-end smartphones are equipped with multiple, high-quality microphones.

Microphone quality on laptop or desktop computers can be more variable. We recommend using an external with most laptops. If you are using a MacBook Pro in a quiet environment, you may not need an external mic.

Our team tested a variety of microphones to determine which ones resulted in the best speech transcript. Here are our recommendations:

Make and Model



Sennheiser SC 665 USB

Over the ear headset

High-end headset with added padding in earpieces yet minimalist design. Very effective noise cancelling and easy to use inline mute button control.

Sennheiser SC 75 USB MS

Over the ear headset

Inexpensive headset with effective noise cancelling, interchangeable ear pads, and lightweight design.

Jabra Biz 2300 USB Duo

Over the ear headset

Very lightweight yet sturdy headset with very good noise cancelling. Easily accessible inline mute button with audio tone when toggled on and off.


Desktop microphone

Inexpensive omnidirectional microphone with effective noise cancelling, flexible “gooseneck,” and easy to use mute button.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Desktop microphone

High-end desktop microphone with advanced noise cancelling technology. Adjustable audio pickup methods and directionality to fine-tune to the environment.

A USB Adapter is necessary to connect USB headsets and microphones to MacBooks and most Android devices. Our team recommends an adapter such as the Syntech USB C to USB Adapter.

NOTE: We do not recommend using bluetooth microphones with Suki. The bluetooth protocol can add speech delays.

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