The Suki Assistant Windows application enables you to dictate text into any Windows application, including your EHR or email. Suki transcribes your dictation wherever you place your cursor.

Click the badge to turn Suki on. Suki can transcribe speech when the badge is on, which is indicated by a blue color. Suki will not transcribe speech when the badge is off, indicated by a grey color.

Position your cursor in the field where you want to dictate, and begin speaking.

To include punctuation, say it as part of your dictation (e.g. say “period” and “comma”).

As you dictate, you will see a preliminary transcript appear below the Suki badge. Each time Suki finalizes the transcript, your dictation will be transferred to the position of your cursor on your screen.

To stop dictating, click outside a text box, or click the Suki badge to turn it off.

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