The Suki Assistant on Windows enables you to dictate text into any Windows application, including your EMR or email. Suki transcribes your dictation wherever you place your cursor.

Start and Stop Dictation

Click the badge to turn Suki on (You can also use a "Hotkey"). The first time you turn on the badge, Suki will directly enter Dictation Mode. Click in any text field and start dictating.

When you want to exit dictation, say "Suki stop" or press the hotkey. To re-enter Dictation Mode, say "Suki start" (available on Suki version 1.2 or later).

Please note, Suki will automatically exit Dictation Mode after 1 minute of silence. The badge will remain on and listening for commands, so you can say "Suki start" to begin dictating again.

Tips for Dictating

To include punctuation, say it as part of your dictation (e.g. say “period” and “comma”).

As you dictate, you will see a preliminary transcript appear below the Suki badge. Each time Suki finalizes the transcript, your dictation will be transferred to the position of your cursor on your screen.

Using Commands

Suki is on and listening for commands when the badge is blue. Suki will not listen for commands or transcribe speech when the badge is off, indicated by a grey color.

Suki understands the following commands:

  • Start

  • Stop

  • Undo

  • Insert <script name>

The undo and script insertion features work as long as the badge is blue. You don't have to be in Dictation Mode to say these commands.

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