Before you start:

You will need Administrator privileges on your Windows PC to install Suki. If you are not an Administrator, you may need assistance from your IT department.

Check that your network and computer meet Suki’s recommended system requirements.

For the best experience, ensure that you are using a high quality microphone. Here is a list of microphones that have passed the Suki team’s quality test.

Download the app:

Go to and click “Download”

Your computer will start the download process.

Update .NET:

If you do not see a prompt asking you to update your .NET version, proceed to the Install Suki step.

Your computer may prompt you to update to a newer version of .NET

If you see this prompt, you will need to perform the update before your computer will allow the Suki installation to proceed.

Follow the link in the prompt, or copy the following URL into your browser to navigate directly:

Under .NET 5.0 (recommended), click “Download .NET Runtime”

Under Run desktop apps, click “Download x64”

Follow the Windows .NET installation prompts after the download is complete.

Install Suki:

When the download is complete and you are on an updated version of .NET, a Suki SetUp Wizard will open automatically.

Click Next and follow the installation steps.

When the installation is complete, Close the SetUp Wizard.

Launch the app:

You will see a shortcut to the Suki Assistant added to your Windows desktop.

Double-click on the shortcut icon to open Suki.

If you do not see a shortcut icon, tap on the Windows icon in the lower left hand corner of your screen, and search for Suki.

Log in:

Log in with your Suki username and password.

Select “Remember me” to automatically log in for future sessions.

After you log in, the Suki badge will appear in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

Select a microphone:

To confirm or change your microphone selection, right-click on the badge to access Settings.

Select a microphone from the dropdown menu.

Start dictating:

Click the badge to turn Suki on.

Click the badge again when you would like to turn Suki off.

Position your cursor in the field where you want to dictate, and begin speaking.

To include punctuation, say it as part of your dictation (e.g. say “period” and “comma”).

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