You can now sync note content you’ve already created in Athena to your Suki note.

This feature will be helpful if:

  • You (or your staff) tend to jot notes down in the free-text boxes in Athena before or during the appointment, that you refer to when completing your note later on

  • You've added problems/diagnoses in your Assessment & Plan that you want to dictate more information about with Suki

Suggested workflow:

  • Enter quick notes in Athena before/during an appointment

  • In Suki, tap on the patient's name to create a new note

  • Press the Refresh icon in the top right corner of your note

  • This process will take a few seconds - please be patient!

  • Your content will now appear in the appropriate section(s) in your Suki note

  • Complete your Suki dictation - consider highlighting each point and dictating over it for the cleanest experience

  • When you're done, submit your note. Your Suki note will now appear in Athena, replacing any prior content.

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