You may notice your Suki note did not appear in Athena after you hit "Send to EMR" in the Suki app. This is due to a known note-editing bug in Athena. Athena has prioritized dev efforts for this as of March 2020. 

The workaround to still show your note in Suki: 

  1. Open the patient encounter to the Exam
  2. Before you do anything in the UI, right-click in the Exam page in Athena, and choose "Reload Frame" 
  3. This will load your Suki note. 

To avoid experiencing this issue at  all, the ideal workflow to submit a note is: 

  1. Dictate a Suki note, optionally with Athena interface open
  2. Close the Athena patient encounter (Please pay attention to other staff members with access to the patient encounter who may have it open concurrently. They will also need to have closed the patient encounter)
  3. Click "Send to EMR" from Suki

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