Suki requires an adequate network connection to recognize commands and transcribe dictation. If the connection is poor, Suki may miss something you say. For that reason, Suki will warn you when your connection is poor and your dictation could be lost.

For example, the wifi in your office could have periods of unavailability, or the perhaps the wifi isn't strong enough in some places around your office. Another example is using Suki while driving and the cellular connectivity is variable or poor. The app warns you when that happens, to make sure we don't miss anything you're saying.

If you're seeing a poor connection warning, you can:

  • Ensure wifi is turned on and connected to a strong network

  • From Settings on your device, turn wifi off and back on

  • From Settings on your device, turn wifi off and use your cellular connection

If you continue to experience issues, please contact Support at

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