A green checkmark indicates that a note is done and has been submitted and Suki has finished processing any spoken content in the note. Suki will allow you to view but not edit a note with this status. (If you are using an EMR, you can edit the note in that system.)

An orange exclamation point indicates an unfinished note. Suki will allow you to open and continue editing notes with this status.

A green Watch/Clock icon indicates that Suki is processing spoken content. This icon can appear even before you have said I’m Done.

A pen icon indicates that a note has been processed and is ready for your signature. (Users with the Athena EMR skip the signature step in Suki and instead sign off in Athena itself.)

An EMR pillbox icon in prior notes indicates that a note was not created in Suki. It was pulled from the doctor's EMR.

A PDF pillbox icon indicates that a note was submitted as a PDF on the patient chart (not as a regular note on the encounter).

When you have unfinished notes, a little orange number button appears on the menu icon, indicating the number of unfinished notes you have. If you open the menu, the same number button appears next to the Unfinished Notes menu item.

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