You can create a note by saying Suki, create a note or by tapping an appointment on your schedule. But, if you want to create a note for an appointment that might not have been added to your schedule, tap the New Note button. This creates an empty note, into which you enter the patient’s name and information, as well as the body of the note itself.

Note: If your Suki implementation is not connected to an EMR, you can also type the new patient name and tap a button to create a new patient record for that patient.

To create a new note

  1. Tap the New Note button.

Note: If you have more than one note type in your system, the Which Note Type? screen will appear.

   2. Tap Unknown Patient

The Patient Search screen appears.

4. Start entering the patient’s name.

As you enter characters, Suki displays names containing those characters from today's schedule and recent days.

5. When the name you want appears, tap it.

Suki displays the note template, containing the patient’s name.

6. Dictate the rest of the note.

7. When you are done and ready to submit the note, say “Suki, I’m done” 

You can also tap I’m done. 

If you would like to finish the note later, navigate away from this screen (for example, by tapping Schedule). When you navigate away, Suki saves the unfinished note. Suki lists your unfinished notes. You can view them by tapping Unfinished Notes in the menu.

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