Q: What happens when an Athena encounter is already closed and Suki tries to submit a note?

A: If your implementation of Suki is integrated with an EMR, Suki may occasionally display a warning dialog when you tap I'm Done. This dialog explains that Suki cannot submit the note because the patient does not have an open encounter. 

When this happens, Suki displays an alert when you say or click I’m done in a note, offering two options. 

You can either:  

  • Save the note as an Unfinished Note in Suki, re-open the Athena encounter and say I’m done again


  • Submit the note to Athena as a PDF chart attachment. Athena associates the Suki note with the patient’s chart, but does not enter the information into the sections 

If you encounter this message, check whether the encounter is still open in Athena. 

  • If it is not open, you or clinic staff should reopen the encounter. 

  • If the Athena encounter is open and the patient is checked in, but you see a No Open Encounter error in Suki, please reach out to our Customer Success team for assistance.

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