Q: If I’ve already typed something into an Athena section, what happens to that text when Suki submits my note?

A: When you start your note in Suki, you will see a refresh icon in the top right corner of your note. Pressing it will pull the latest pre-charted content that you've typed into Athena into your Suki note.

If you use this feature, please finish your note in Suki. Submitting the note will replace the contents of your note in Athena, in the sections that you edited in Suki.

If you do not use this feature, your Suki note will append to the end of each section, except for OB flowsheet comments, which will replace the contents due to an Athena limitation.

Learn more here: http://help.suki.ai/en/articles/4612947-update-your-suki-note-with-pre-charted-content-from-athena

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