Q: Can I edit the note after Suki finishes processing?

A: When you say I’m done in a Suki note, you have two options to proceed. The first option is to send the note immediately to your EHR. Once you send the note to your EHR, or once Suki is finished processing it, the note will be pushed into the appropriate sections in Athena, where you can further edit the text if needed and sign off. 

The second option will allow Suki to process the note. After Suki processes the note, it will come back to your Unfinished Notes list where it is ready to sign off, which is indicated by a pen icon. You can then edit by typing, dictate more, or sign off on the note directly.

You also have the option to navigate away from a note without saying I’m done, and come back to review it later – including after Suki processes it. Make sure to say I’m done when you finish editing the note, so Suki can push the note into Athena.

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