Q: Where does the Suki note show up in Athena?

A: Today, Suki can insert text into the following Athena sections, as long as the Athena encounter is open:

  • Reason for Visit

  • History

  • Review of Systems

  • Physical Exam

  • Assessment and Plan

  • Problems and Impressions

  • Discussion Notes

  • Patient Instructions

  • Comments section of the OB Flowsheet, if an OB Episode is present

The transcript from Suki appears in the empty text fields within these sections (including ROS, PE, and A/P). Suki is also able to fill in specific diagnosis entries within the Assessment and Plan. 

However, Suki is not able to edit Athena templates or access the Procedure Documentation section at this time. We have submitted a request to Athena for access to submit text to the Procedure Documentation section.

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