To find different things in Suki, you can say:

Suki, show my schedule

Suki, show old notes for <patient name>

Suki, show my unfinished notes

Suki, go back

Suki, go to patients

Suki, go to Home

Suki, go to Settings

Suki, go to Note Types

To start, delete, or submit a note, you can say:

Suki, create a new note for <patient name>

Suki, I’m done

Suki, delete this note

When you're creating a note, you can say:

Suki, <section name> or Suki, open <section name>

Suki, stop

Suki, insert <script name>

Suki, show my scripts or Suki, show my templates

Suki, copy <section name> from my last note

Suki, change <sub-section name>

Suki, the next problem is <problem name>

Suki, undo

Suki understands flexible ways of saying all these things.

Try different variations of any of these instructions. Try speaking naturally. If Suki doesn't understand the first time, the natural language understanding will learn from the phrases you use and get better with time.

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