The round Suki badge appears on every page in Suki’s interface. The color of the badge indicates whether Suki is active (listening for commands or dictation) or deactivated (needs to be activated by touch, or wake-word "Suki" + command).

A grey badge means Suki is deactivated (off) and will not transcribe dictations or respond to requests until activated.

Click the grey badge to activate Suki.

if the badge is colored and spinning, it means Suki is activated (on), is listening and can respond to requests. 

Keep in mind, if the Suki badge is blue, that means it's listening and will attempt to transcribe what you're saying. It's best practice to turn the badge off (so it turns gray) while you aren't dictating, then back on again when you're ready to dictate. This will allow Suki to transcribe your dictation quicker .

Click the colored spinning badge to deactivate Suki.

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