There are currently three (3) scenarios in which Suki can format scripts incorrectly.

Script formatting of information already in Suki

If the spacing and/or line breaks in a note seem wrong, contact your Suki account manager and let them know what to change. A script editor will be available to you in the near future to make changes yourself.

Formatting of text copied from EMR in Suki

Because of the differences between systems, this sometimes happens the first time text is brought in to Suki from your EMR. The Suki QA team will fix any formatting errors as best as they can, which will enable us to learn and improve Suki’s performance.

Text from Suki loaded into my EMR

If the formatting of text copied from Suki into your EMR seems wrong, contact your Suki Account Manager. This will enable us to research how that happened and to improve Suki.

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