What is the turnover time for my notes?

If you have selected to send your note to your EHR in Suki, your note will be available immediately.

If you select to allow Suki to process your note Suki QA performs a quality check on your notes. This requires time and enables the system to learn and grow. 

  • Suki will display notes you make the same day of the patient’s visit one (1) hour after your clinic’s close of business.

  • Suki will display notes you make any day after the patient’s visit day one twenty four (24) hours after you enter them

Multiple days have passed and I still do not see my notes. What do I do?

If your notes are missing two (2) or more days after you have entered them, contact your Suki Account Manager.

NOTE: If you do not have a Suki account that is integrated with your EHR, you will not have the option to send the note to your EHR. Instead, you will have the option to sign note. If you select to sign off on your note, you are letting Suki know that your note is completed to your satisfaction and the note will be available immediately.

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