If Suki is not responding to specific commands (for example, for inserting a script), follow the questions and answers in this section to troubleshoot the issue.

Did you speak clearly and use the correct command words?

Currently, Suki understands clearly-stated specific command words. We are working on widening the scope of words that Suki understands as command words. As Suki gets smarter, the options available to you will grow. However, currently you must speak clearly and say the specific command words.

   Common Commands

      Creating a note

          Suki, create a note for <patient name> 

         For example: Suki, create a note for John Smith.

      Navigating to the section of a Note

         Suki, <section name>  

         For example: Suki, History.

      Ending Dictation

         Suki, stop.

      Inserting Scripts into Notes

         Suki, insert my <script name>. 

         For example: Suki, insert my Normal Physical Exam

      Modifying a Script

         Suki, change <section of note> to <changed wording>

         For example: Suki, change Respiratory to “clear to auscultation.”  

      Copying part of a previous Note into the current Note

         Suki, copy my <note section> from last time

         For example: Suki, copy my history section from last time

      Finishing and saving a note

         Suki, I’m done.

If this does not solve the problem, verify that you are saying Suki before giving each command.

Before you gave the command, did you say Suki?

In order for Suki to know that you want to dictate notes, you must say Suki first (to wake it up), before giving a command. For example, to start a note, say: Suki, create a note for Joe Smith

If none of the above works

  1. Restart your computer.

  2. If that does not solve the problem, contact Support at Support@Suki.ai.

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